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Concerned U.S. Senators Unhappy Over WWE Crown Jewel Still Going Ahead In Saudi Arabia


Four members of the united states congress have expressed their concern over World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) remaining adamant that they will be going ahead with their “Crown Jewel” show in Riyhad, even post the reported goings on of the Saudi Arabian government over the past week.

The Members of Congress in Question are Sen. Chris Murphy (Connecticut), Sen. Bob Menendez (New Jersey), Sen. Chris Cooms (Deleware) and Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) all spoke to William Steakin from the Independent Journal Review (IRJ) on Thursday about the upcoming Saudi event.

For anyone not aware of the story, Jamal Khashoggi was reportedly assassinated and had his body dismembered using a bone saw by the orders of the Saudi Royal Court while attending a consultation in Turkey. According to CNN, the authorities in Turkey have Visual and Audible evidence which provides truth to the alleged attack.

“I’d hope that they [WWE] would be rethinking their relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially with respect to events coming up in the next few weeks”, Sen. Murphy told IRJ. While Sen. Menendez brought up the very close ties the WWE has to Capitol Hill and whether or not they should intervene. Not only is President Trump a WWE Hall of Famer, but the WWE’s Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon’s wife, Linda McMahon, is currently a part of the Trump administration. Sen. Menendez  said, “Because [Linda McMahon] is part of the president’s cabinet […] the administration really should give it some thought and maybe even prevail upon them not doing it.”

The McMahon Family visiting President Trump in The White House

Sen. Lindsey Graham said that “There should be a pause.” While Sen. Coons said that the WWE should be, “Taking a hard look” at the Multi-Million dollar partnership between them and the Saudi General Sports Authority. Although there are some people defending the decision of them not putting this deal on hold, However with Sir Richard Branson suspending a reported $1 Billion dollar deal with the Saudi Arabian Government, it is really painting the company in a bad light.

Considering what high profile Superstars are supposed to be working on the show such as; Kurt Angle, John Cena, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy and for the first time in 8 years WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels.

Shawn Michaels retired following a retirement match at WrestleMania XXVI in 2010

The fact that this is not the biggest talking point of the wrestling world proves why this show needs to be at the very least postponed if not cancelled outright. He was one of the best in-ring performers of all time and someone who fans have been clambering to see for years. This is not the scenario that wrestling fans wanted. Essentially it is a show being booked by the Saudi Arabian Prince who seems to only be interested in pre-2005 WWE and for the WWE it is all about the money. This is one of the few times that the term, Any publicity is good publicity, definitely does not apply.


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