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WWE Announce All Women Pay Per View For 28th October


WWE announced live on the 23rd of July edition of Monday Night RAW the decision to run an all-female PPV at the end of October. This will be the first ever all-female Pay Per View that the WWE has ever run. The company has come a really long way from the 2-minute matches or the demeaning bra and pantie matches of the past.

The WWE has been credited for the portrayal of women these past few years. They have finally concentrated on in-ring ability rather than how quote on quote good looking the women are. They now call the women competitors superstars rather than divas. They are getting equal opportunities Eg. Money In The Bank, Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, Hell in The Cell, Ect. They also got to Main Event a Pay Per View in 2016 when Charlotte Flair defeated Sasha Banks in the first ever Women’s Hell In A Cell match. They also got rid of ‘the butterfly belt’ and replaced it with the now RAW Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 32 for the Triple Threat match between Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch, which is commonly considered the turning point for Women’s’ wrestling in the WWE.

Now, this is not a new thing to concentrate on the in-ring abilities of women in the wrestling world. Wrestling promotions such as TNA, Shimmer, Women of Wrestling and even Irelands’ own OTT (Over The Top) have all ran all women shows but they have never had the number of eyes on the show as a WWE Pay Per View would get. I do wonder how strict the WWE will be when it comes to the ALL WOMEN’S event part of it. Will they bring in an all-female announce team, female referees, and ring announcers? Will they have Stephanie McMahon be the lead backstage producer rather than her father Vince? Would they even go as far as bringing in female camerawomen and an all-female Production team? The likelihood of those last two are probably unlikely but I guess only time will tell.

Not only has this been a good progression from the popular Mae Young Classic on the WWE Network but now they have finally had the first female announcer call an entire episode of the WWE’s flagship show Monday Night RAW this past week so maybe the perception of the women in the WWE has finally changed for the better. We might even get a women’s match Main Event at the biggest show on the WWE calendar, WrestleMania. It is not like they do not have a match that could fill the big shoes of Main Eventing the show of shows either. Former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair, Daughter of Two Time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, would be a perfect match for the Mania Main Event. The mix of Rousey’s hard-hitting offense with Flair’s technical prowess would make for an absolutely awe-inspiring bout for the ages.

Already a number of legends have been announced alongside both the main roster women’s division and the women from the developmental brands NXT and NXT UK. These include Trish Stratus, Beth Pheonix, and Lita. Evolution will also host the finals of the 2018 Mae Young Classic as well as matches for the RAW, SmackDown, NXT and NXT UK Women’s Championship Matches.

I thoroughly can’t wait for Evolution which airs Live on the WWE Network on October 28th 2018. I hope you will join me in witnessing a piece of WWE history.


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