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Arsene Wenger Admits He Stayed Too Long At Arsenal

Staying at Arsenal for 22 years was the biggest mistake of his career according to Arsene Wenger.


The former Arsenal manager made the claim during an interview for French radio station RTL where he opened up about his life and career as a manager. When asked by host Christine Kelly what his biggest mistake was he claimed it was “staying at the same club for 22 years”.

Despite there being plenty of opportunities to jumps ship, with the likes of Real Madrid and the England national team knocking at his door, the Frenchman struggled to sever ties with the North London club which he moulded into his image over his 22 years there.

Despite staying at Arsenal for so long Wenger says it contradicts who he is, saying ”I’m someone who likes to move around a lot, but I also like a challenge. ‘I’ve been a prisoner of my own challenge at times.’

He also admitted to regretting hurting his family by neglecting them and says it is something that is often overlooked by people.

“I’m asked if Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira will be good managers and I always answer yes. They have all the qualities; they’re intelligent, they know football, they have excellent skill sets, but do they want to sacrifice what needs to be sacrificed.”

During his time at the club he guided the club to three premier league titles, with his biggest achievement being with his iconic “invincible’s” which went the 2003-2004 season unbeaten in the league.

Wenger is yet to make a decision about his future and suggested he could share all of his knowledge in a different way if he doesn’t return to manage a club. A claim  that strengthens the rumour of him taking over the role as sporting director at PSG alongside head coach Thomas Tuchel.


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