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The Best Fibre Broadband Plans In Ireland

Say goodbye to slow internet


You sit down to binge watch your favourite series and you’re met by the annoying buffering icon that seems to go on for an eternity. |f slow internet is your problem Trendster has you covered with the best fibre broadband plans in Ireland.

1 Vodafone Simply Broadband

Vodafone Simply Broadband

Cost for the first year: €510
Next on the best fibre broadband plans in Ireland list is Vodafone’s Simply Broadband Plan. Vodafone’s share in the broadband market remains steady, and for good reason, its fibre broadband plans are amongst the least expensive out there. With its Simply Broadband plan, you pay €40 monthly for the first six months and €45 each month for the remainder of the eighteen-month contract. Installation fees are covered by Vodafone, including a free Huawei router that supports dual-band WiFi.Vodafone allows you to surf the internet as much as you like because it is unlimited fibre broadband. Speeds of up to 100Mbps are available, obviously depending on your proximity to the nearest cabinet. Vodafone does not own its own FTTC network, it pays Eir to use their network. This means that you will get the same speeds with Vodafone as you would with Eir.This plan is the least expensive on this list.

2 Eir Just Broadband

Eir Just Broadband

Cost for the first year: €636
Being the incumbent operator has allowed Eir to dominate the broadband market in Ireland, holding a whopping 46.8% market share according to ComReg’s most recent report. Eir’s broadband plans are arguably the most expensive out there. It’s broadband only plan costs €53 monthly for twelve months. You can also take advantage of free Eir Sport with this plan. Eir provides free installation and its F2000 Modem which is one of the best out there.Eir advertises its broadband plans as unlimited, but a quick analysis of the T&C’s reveal charges will be applied to your account if you exceed a 1TB fair usage allowance. I suspect the number of people that gobble this amount of Internet to be limited, but it is definitely something you should be wary of if you are a heavy Internet user. Eir is the incumbent FTTC operator in Ireland and owns the network, you should expect speeds of up to 100Mbps.

3 Pure Telecom Unlimited Broadband Only

Pure Telecom Unlimited Broadband Only

Cost for the first year: €528
Pure Telecom may not be the company that comes to mind when you think of Broadband, but its plans are some of the best in Ireland. Paying €44 monthly gets you unlimited fibre broadband on an eighteen-month contract. There are no price hikes and installation fees are covered. The plan gives you unlimited broadband with speeds of up to 100Mbps. This makes it a high contender on best fibre broadband plans Ireland list.Pure Telecom does not own its own FTTC network, it uses Eir’s. This means you can expect the same speeds as you would with Vodafone or Eir.

4 Virgin Media Naked Broadband

Virgin Media Naked Broadband

Cost for the first year: €558Virgin Media’s broadband only plan is different from all the other ones featured in this comparison. Virgin Media has its own cable network, not fibre, and is more limited than Eir’s FTTC network. Speeds of up to 240Mbps are available on the plan but your home may not be connected to Virgin’s network.

The plan costs €39 each month for the first six months and rises to €54 monthly for the remainder of the twelve-month contract. Installation is free and Virgin Media’s Hub router is fantastic. The plan allows you to access Virgin Media’s WiFi hotspots throughout the country, although I usually try and avoid public WiFi for security reasons. If you can access Virgin’s network in your home, this plan unlocks excellent broadband speeds which is why it’s one of the best fibre broadband plans in Ireland.

5 Sky Fibre Unlimited

Sky Fibre Unlimited


Cost for the first year: €540
Sky is Ireland’s fastest growing broadband provider, thanks in part to its large customer base in the TV market. Sky’s Fibre Unlimited plan gives you speeds of up to 100Mbps via Eir’s FTTC network. Costing €45 each for twelve months, installation fees are included. Sky’s new router, Sky Q Hub, isn’t the most full-featured out there but it will be sufficient for most people. Sky Fibre Unlimted definitely deserves a spot on the best fibre broadband plans Ireland list!


We hope this list helps you make your decision when joining or moving to a network. The best fibre broadband plans are always improving due to technology advancing so it’s a good idea to keep updated especially when you’re spending a lot of money.


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