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Instagram Stories 2 Years On

In August 2016 Instagram launched Instagram “Stories”


Everyone laughed at how Instagram copied Snapchat when they added stories to their app, but a couple years later Instagram are the clear winners when it comes to stories.

In August 2016 Instagram launched Instagram “Stories” a copy of Snapchats core feature. Many thought it was a stupid idea that wouldn’t pay off but two years later Instagram stories have 400 million daily active users just over double Snapchats 191 million active daily users.

Instagram sounded liked that kid who copied your answers in school tests and somehow always managed to get higher than you. Instagram’s stories clone at first looked identical, but the company has taken steps to make it unique and better than that of their competition.

Over the 24 months since its launch Instagram has added features to help with self – expression including superzoom, Poll, emoji sliders, and question stickers. They have also released a music sticker that allows you to play licensed music over your stories, but unfortunately that hasn’t arrived in Ireland yet, presumably due to licensing issues of the music.

Instagram has also formed partnerships with companies such as GoPro and Spotify to add to their stories experience.

Stories have become an essential part of Instagram, the main feed and stories have slowly merged into one. If you begin to scroll down your Instagram feed without looking at stories first you are likely to bump into a carousel of stories on your way through. Instagram stories has become a key part of the app

And it doesn’t seem like Instagram are going to stop innovating with stories any time soon with Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom telling The Verge “I don’t think we’ve seen nearly the end of innovation on Stories”, he also went on to say, “Only in the last six to nine months have we really stepped on the gas in terms of these unique features.”

So it turned out Instagram are just like that kid who stole answers off you in school tests and that the kid also knew some of the answers you didn’t.


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