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Weekend Breaks for Students


Everyone needs a break from time-to-time, even students.

Whether you are looking for a party weekend, a few days in the sun, or a bit of culture, there is a city break on this list for you.

Check it out;


Type of Get-Away: Culture, Party, Chill

Flights Price Range: €60-€100 (return)

A beautiful city filled with museums, bars, clubs, scenic views and even the world-famous red-light district (always sparks a few giggles amongst mates when walking by).

Amsterdam is a top-class student weekend away, and it always lives up to the hype. There is something for everyone, and no matter what you decide to do, your pictures on Instagram will most definitely make your friends jealous.


Type of Get-Away: Party

Flights Price Range: €100-€200 (return)

The perfect student break – #FACT!

If you are looking for a fun-filled weekend, look no further. The city of Budapest has some of the coolest bars in the world – and that is no exaggeration. Its most popular bar Szimpla Kert has been voted as the third-best in the world. If the bar scene isn’t your thing then maybe the nightclubs of Budapest (which stay open till 6:00am) are for you.

To top it all off, Budapest has the best hangover cure. After a crazy night, the Széchenyi Baths are the best cure for that post-party headache.


Type of Get-Away: Culture, Chill

Flights Price Range: €20-€50 (return)

The London Science Museum, the Old Operating Theatre, the Wellcome Museum, the Faraday Museum at the Royal Institution, The Natural History Museum and the Darwin Centre, just some of the places worth visiting during a culture-filled weekend in London.

London is a great city filled with great museums and attractions. The city of London is the perfect destination for a chilled weekend.


Type of Get-Away: Sport, Chill

Flights Price Range: €40-€70 (return)

The Camp Nou (93,354 capacity stadium) is home to one of the worlds greatest football teams, making Barcelona the perfect city-break if you are looking to see one of the greatest sporting teams in the world in action.

On top of the football, Barcelona is also full of great bars and restaurants where you can grab some cheap food and drink, and enjoy the warm weather.


Type of Get-Away: Culture, Party

Flights Price Range: €30-€60 (return)

Cheap flights and a great nightlife, the perfect combination.

If you are looking for a city with a bit of culture that is full of electric bars, pubs and clubs, Edinburgh is the place for you.

Edinburgh Castle during the day, and The Cowgate (nightclub) when the sun goes down.


Type of Get-Away: Culture, Chill

Flights Price Range: €85-€150 (return)

The city of Vienna was home to Freud, Beethoven, Mozart and Klimt, and is now the perfect destination for a chilled weekend of culture.

Vienna oozes an intellectual sensibility that can be seen all around the city in its museums and venues showcasing the best opera theatre productions.

The city also has plenty of places to grab a drink and listen to some live music including the Bermuda triangle (Bermudadreieck), so you can have the best of both worlds.


Type of Get-Away: Culture, Chill

Flights Price Range: €120-€190 (return)

Granada has a chilled-out atmosphere that makes for the perfect weekend away. It is a small city with everything in walking distance, that is filled with friendly and welcoming locals.

If you are looking for a city full of culture, great bars and great food, Granada is the place for you.


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