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Trendster Scholarship


At Trendster we believe it is important to invest in young talents, that is why in January 2019 we will be launching the Trendster Scholarship. We will be awarding one dedicated Trendster contributor pursing media in college/university with a scholarship for the academic year beginning September 2019.

More information about the scholarship and on how to apply will be made available to Trendster contributors in January 2019.

Trendster ED


TrendsterED is an internal educational platform for all Trendster contributors. We will offer contributors the opportunity to further grow and develop their careers in the media by filling TrendsterED with the very best resources. We will actively be working with academics and industry leaders to help our writers not only learn the basics but also help them to better understand the tricks of the trade.

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At Trendster we are working to become home to the voice of a generation. We have built a platform dedicated to showcasing the best original student media content in the world.

By joining the Trendster Writers team you are not only joining a group of like-minded individuals who are trying to shape the future, but you are joining a movement which is trying to encourage a generation to stand up and speak out.

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