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Electric Picnic Survival Guide: What to bring?

Make the most of Electric Picnic and go prepared!


With Electric Picnic around the corner, it’s good to go prepared so Trendster has you covered with this “What To Bring To Electric Picnic” list. You may know most of them but hopefully, you take something from the list!

Water Bottle

1 Water Bottle

To get a drink you might have to wait in a long Q or they can be expensive. Bring a water bottle so you can just fill it up! Electric Picnic has free drinking water zones all over the campsites.

Small Snacks

2 Small Snacks

Electric Picnic has over 100 food locations but again, food can be long waits and expensive so bring food to snack on during the day such as cereal bars, cheese strings, energy bars your body will thank you!

Head Torch

3 Head Torch

Keep your hands free for an extra can! No need to hold a torch and extremely useful to see in the dark. Useful for getting around the campsite especially because of tent strings and other items on the ground it would be really easy to trip.

Power Banks

4 Power Banks

No power no selfies, no Instagram, no communication. They’re fairly inexpensive but a nessacity. Can be bought in shops like Pennys. Might want to bring a few fully charged ones!


5 Earplugs

You may want to rest during the day or you may just be around annoying people either way earplugs are handy to have! It’ll be hard to catch a few Zs with the loud music and crowds. They’re inexpensive but definitely worth it.

Fanny Pack

6 Fanny Pack

They’re creeping back into fashion but are also extremely useful. Store your money, phone, ID and other loose items right at your waist! Most of them have zips which makes it much safer than keeping them in your pockets.


7 Sunglasses

Practical and stylish. For the few times, the sun peaks through the clouds you want to be able to see right? Hopefully, there will be clear skies too when you can really make the most of them. Wouldn’t bring expensive ones, a cheap pair will do fine!

Camping Trolly

8 Camping Trolly

It’s a long walk from the car park to the campsite so make it easy for your body to get to the campsite and conserve your energy for the rest of the festival!

A Multi-use towel

9 A Multi-use towel

Use it to sit on, dry yourself and show off to everyone who forgot theirs.  You can get compact camping towels that are microfibre and inexpensive. They sell them cheap in SportsDirect!

Hand Sanitiser

10 Hand Sanitiser

If you’ve seen the toilets you know why. Hand sanitiser will get rid of any lurking germs and keep you from being unwell during and after the festival!

Baby Wipes

11 Baby Wipes

These are definitely overrated. They’re just handy to have for washing up, cleaning spills, cleaning your phone screen etc..


12 Deodorant

This is a no-brainer. Forget this and god help the person you’re sharing a tent with or if they forget theirs at least you can give them yours!


Hope you now know what to bring to Electric Picnic. Oh yeah and don’t forget your ticket! It’s kinda important!

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