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The 4 Best Pay As You Go Student Plans


1 Vodafone X: Something for Everyone

Vodafone X: Something for Everyone
Here’s Trendsters Best Pay as you Go Plans in Ireland.
Vodafone’s student orientated plans, Vodafone X, offer the best value on the Irish market right now. There’s plenty of data, calls and texts. What makes these plans unique is the combination of Spotify or Sky Sports. For many, this will add great value to their plans, something not found anywhere else. Each plan gives you 20GB of data for 28 days, with Vodafone X Weekend offering unlimited everything from 3 PM on Friday until 11:59 PM on Sundays. You get unlimited texts to any network in Europe, and 100 call minutes to any network also for €20.

The plan is supported by Vodafone’s network, which remains the best in Ireland, with the fastest 4G speeds and greatest coverage footprint. You really can’t go wrong if you choose Vodafone, you have the peace of mind of having access to a reliable network that just works. Vodafone’s strong presence in the European market means it is the only network to support true roaming across Europe. That is, the ability to use your entire domestic allowance of calls, texts and data in Europe at no extra cost.Vodafone’s MyVodafone app is incredibly useful for checking your allowances, topping up and making use of Vodafone’s reward programme, called Fantastic Freebies. Every few days you have the opportunity to participate in competitions for new devices, tickets to rugby matches and more. Furthermore, as a Vodafone X customer, you can make use of discounts in different shops and cinemas. A worthy contender on the best pay as you go plans in Ireland list.

2 Three Prepay: A Classic

Three Prepay: A Classic
Three’s pay as you go plan is a classic. It’s been around for quite some time now and despite Three removing some of its benefits last year, it still offers great value. This plan follows Three’s philosophy of giving customers unlimited data(60GB) to enjoy. There are no calls included to other networks, but you do get unlimited Three to Three calls. Unlimited texts to any network are included. The plan costs €20 for 28 days, and you get to keep all of your credit, something that has become very rare nowadays.
The plan gives you access to Three’s once infamous network, which still lags Vodafone, but is neck and neck with Eir. In short, you should have access to reasonable 4G coverage and speeds in cities and towns, and perhaps even coverage in more rural locations where Three has upgraded. However, don’t be surprised if you live where speeds are poor and 4G coverage is non-existent.
On the topic of roaming, Three allows you to use 6GB of your 60GB allowance in Europe. If you are someone who plans to use your phone in Europe, I’d strongly advise you to avoid Three. Something else that I’d like to mention is the fact that Three clearly states that using your phone as a hotspot is not allowed. It’s unlikely, but you could technically be blocked from using Three’s network if you do tether your phone.

To spice up the plan, Three gives you three months access to Deezer Premium, a French music streaming service similar to Spotify. After the first three months, the standard monthly charge of Deezer Premium will be withdrawn from your credit. Three has its own loyalty programme, 3Plus, which is arguably the best out there. You can use the 3Plus app to avail of discounts in many shops, win tickets, and more. It’s similar to Vodafone’s service but more developed. Some of the rewards are shown below. 

3 Eir 20 Calls and Data

Eir 20 Calls and Data

Here’s why this plan made the best pay as you go plans in Ireland list:

This plan is easily the most controversial out there in Ireland right now. On one hand, it provides great value for customers who enjoy using social media, on the other, it brings up the question of net neutrality. Eir allows services such as YouTube and Instagram to be used as much as you like without them eating into your 15GB data allowance. However, using any other service that isn’t zero-rated such as Netflix or any website will eat into your data allowance. Many believe that this method of zero-rating certain services hurts smaller players who aren’t included.

You choose between unlimited calls or texts to any network, the plan lasts 28 days and costs €20. Only 5.5GB of the 15GB domestic allowance is available to use in Europe. Eir’s network provides good 4G coverage, behind Vodafone but similar to Three. Unfortunately, if you’re an Eir customer, you will likely have to deal with horribly slow 4G speeds in some areas, as Eir’s network isn’t as fast as that of Three or Vodafone.

Unlike the other two plans mentioned, Eir has no loyalty programme for its customers and doesn’t bundle any free service with the plan other than Hayu. You get access to Eir’s network, that’s it, nothing more. This does make it less attractive than the other two plans and I only recommend it if, for some reason, Three or Vodafone provide poor coverage and speed in your area.

4 Bonus: Lycamobile Ireland Plus

Bonus: Lycamobile Ireland Plus
To conclude this best pay as you go plans in Ireland list here’s a bonus plan from Lycamobile.
If you want something less expensive, Lycamobile provides 25GB of 3G data on Three’s network for €20. Only 4.25GB of this data is available to use in Europe. For those that love to call and text, this plan is perfect as it provides unlimited any network calls and texts. There are no added benefits like the other plans, but it is cheaper.
Note: Special Offers

Vodafone, Three and Eir currently provide special offers to customers who move from another network. These offers are subject to change.

Customers who sign up for Vodafone X can avail for the first month free.

Eir’s offer states: When you switch to eir prepay and you can keep your number and get €120 free credit! Just top up your account by €20 every month and you will get €10 bonus credit each month, for a whole 12 months.

Three’s offer states: Switch to Three today for €10 free credit every month for a year.


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