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First Lecture: What to bring!


As the new college year kicks off we thought we would help those of you heading into your first year of Uni get your heads around the day-to-day of college life.

Going to your first lecture can be a scary experience, there can be a lot of unknowns.

What do you bring with you to a lecture?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Here is a list of the essential things to bring to your lectures:

Student ID…

Make sure to keep your Student ID in your bag or in your wallet, you are going to need it on campus.

At some lectures, the lecturer will ask you to sign-in on a sheet of paper with you your student number, so it is always handy to have it on you.

Also, your Student ID is an access all areas pass when on campus (getting into the library etc.), so it is best to keep it on you at all times.

Pen and a notebook…

Even if you plan on doing absolutely nothing in your lecture, bring a paper and pen. It makes it look like you are ready to learn, and paying attention.

Also, it may come in handy to take notes (believe it or not). On occasion, the lecturer will say something that is important to remember (#Shocker).


If you have one, bring it. It is a good way to take down notes, and also to access the lecture notes that will be on your college portal.

DO NOT ONLINE SHOP!!! Especially if you are sitting at the top of the class because the 100+ people sitting behind you will be laughing at you as you shop on Boohoo (#FACT).

(Looking for a good laptop for college, check out our recommendations for the perfect college laptop)

Coffee, Tea, Water, Red Bull…

Bring a drink with you.

If you are tired from the night before, bring a Red Bull or a coffee. This will help you avoid annoying people by yawning for an hour.

Also, nothing worse than being stuck in a lecture for an hour or two parched, and gagging for a drink.

Anything else to know about lectures?

Not really, they are fairly straight forward.

Going to a lecture is similar to a class in school, expect there tends to be a lot more people.

There is nothing to panic about. After a while, it will feel completely normal.


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