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5 Study Habits from Straight-A Students

Habits that the top students in the world practice.


As we approach a new year of education, I thought it would be a great time to let you guys in on some of the habits that the top students in the world practice. No last-minute cramming here! Learn what tactics and habits you can fully utilise to ace your tests and do the best you possibly can.

1 Attend all classes

Attend all classes

I know this might seem like an obvious one but every class that you miss is truly a missed opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject. By turning up to all your classes you are giving yourself the best chance to grasp new concepts and ideas. Also, by turning up to all your classes, your teachers will respect you more and be much more willing to help you out! So, stop hitting the snooze button and get to class. Your results will thank you.

2 Build relationships with students and teachers

<strong>Build relationships with students and teachers</strong>

Your teacher is a vital part of the success that you will or will not achieve in the year. Build a relationship with your teacher and they will be more inclined to offer you their best advice and tips on the subject. Also, being friends with as many people as possible in your class will mean that you are never short for a study buddy. Studies show that students learn more when studying with a friend.

3 Power Off

Power Off
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Get your eyes away from your phone. It is so easy to check the time on your phone and be dragged into the mobile world. Before you know it, you have been scrolling Instagram for 45 minutes and are demotivated to study. When we are so attached to our phones it is hard to truly focus. How many times have you stopped studying when you get a notification? It is much easier to switch it off and study for a block of time. I’d recommend 30 minutes of full study followed by a 10-minute break. I promise you’re not going to miss anything!

4 Take a break

<strong>Take a break</strong>

Studying a subject that you don’t enjoy is boring. Unfortunately, there is no way around it. Make it easier for yourself to focus by rewarding yourself with a break. Study a topic for 20-30 minutes and then take a short break. You will find it much easier to retain the information and you won’t get bored as quickly. It is proven that taking a study break after a short burst of study will improve retention.

5 Do Not Cram

<strong>Do Not Cram</strong>

Easier said than done and we have all been there and done it. You realise that you have a test tomorrow and you have not prepared for it. At all. You forgo a good night’s sleep in the hope that you can learn something. But you are just overloading your brain. This combined with the lack of sleep is a complete disaster when it comes to exams. Give yourself the best opportunity to succeed by creating a study plan that covers all topics. An hour a day over a week is so much better than 7 hours in one day. Cramming is not only bad for your results, but it is horrible for your physical and mental health also.


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