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Moving in Student Accommodation: 10 must-haves


Moving out of home and into Student Accommodation can be a massive change. You are living in a new place, often with strangers, and you don’t have your family to rely on day-to-day. However, if you are prepared, the experience of living in student digs can be easy and really enjoyable.

Here are the 10 essential must-haves when moving into Student Accommodation

1) Good quality Headphones…

A good quality set of headphones are essential when living in student accommodation.

There are going to be times when you just want to listen to some music, watch some Netflix, study in peace, get to bed early, or you’ll just want some peace and quite. This is hard to do when the people you are living with are making noise.

You will not regret investing in headphones (recommend Bose)!

2) Photos…

Rooms in student accommodation can be dark, dull and clinical. Get a few framed pictures of family and friends to bring with you to brighten up your room and make it homely. It will make a huge difference.

3) Big Blanket…

It gets cold (very cold!) in student digs.

Make sure to bring a big duvet or blanket with you to keep yourself warm on those cold nights.

You don’t want to rack up a massive heating bill!

4) Extension Power Lead…

You can never have too many plugs! #FACT

5) Portable Speaker…

The person with the speaker is always the life and the soul of the party in any apartment.

Always a great investment.

6) First-Aid Kit…

Plasters, pain-killers, bandages… you will need one of these things at some stage during the year (maybe all at the same time #MadNight).

You can get a cheap first-aid kit in a lot of stores – it is worth investing in one to have handy in your apartment.

7) Board/Card Games…

Board/Card games are always great to have on a night when you and your roommates have nothing to do. They are a great way to be social and make some friends. A deck of cards are always great to have for drinking games too.

Monopoly might not be a good idea though – it never ends well!

8) Mini Fridge

You can get a great Mini Fridge for €100.00 in most electronic stores – and they are worth every penny.

There is nothing better than having somewhere in your own room to keep your snacks, drinks and beer.

9) Laundry Basket + Drying Rack


You will have washing. You are going to need somewhere to put your smelly clothes (your floor is not a longterm solution), and somewhere to hang your wet clean clothes.

These should be the first two things you buy.

10) A Doorstop…

Keeping your door open is a great way to be social and make friends.

You will be living with your roommates for at least a year, it is always a good idea to try to get to know them if you can.



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