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Start-up of the Week: ÉIRElert


All across the globe there is amazing young entrepreneurs building and creating the future. As a part of our Trendster ‘Start-up of the Week’ series, we will be showcasing the most promising student start-ups out there.

This week we spoke to Jack Jordan, the founder and Managing Director of ÉIRElert, a centralised information app for disaster, crisis and emergency information in Ireland.

Q1. What is your elevator pitch?

My name is Jack, I am 16 years of age and I build creative, modern and innovative web solutions for strong brand concepts.

Q2. How did you come up with your idea?

During ex-Hurricane Ophelia in October 2017, I realized there was no central place to go to get information. After some research, I found that an app would be a suitable solution to this.

Q3. What makes your business unique?

I think the fact that it is the only concept of its type is what sets it apart. There is nothing like it on the marketplace which makes it unique.

Q4. What problem is your business solving?

The business solves the fact that there is no central place to go to get all of the information you need in an emergency.

Q5. How do you balance being a young entrepreneur and being in school?

Well, I think we all know that Transition Year is less, academically straining, so it allows people more free time to focus on other things outside of school, such as running a business. It will be much harder to manage time during the Leaving Cert, but I still think it is possible.

Q6. What is the most important thing you have learned from being a young entrepreneur?

This is a tough one. Too many things to name. I’d say there are two things. The first thing I’ve learned is you need to take risks in order to succeed. The other is there will always be good times and bad when running a business and to succeed you need to enjoy the good moments and push through the bad ones.

Q7. What is your biggest achievement to date?

In business, I would have to say it would be winning the Griffith College Business Enterprise Competition ( This was a great moment for me as this is a prestigious national competition.

Q8. Where is your long-term vision?

I think, for now, I am going to convert the product into a social media enterprise. I am going to target people on the platforms they are used to using. This should hopefully increase my audience.
I have another business idea that I am working on with some friends at the moment, and I hope to have that ready by the end of this month.

Q9. Where can people find out more about you and your business?

You can learn more on my website, www.é, or on my Twitter, @eirelert.



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