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Have You Tried Spanx Faux Leather Moto Leggings?


Have you heard of Spanx Faux Leather Moto Leggings, if not listen up! Before I discovered these leggings I had always considered Spanx as something for mums and “women of a certain age”, but not these bad boys. Since their creation, they’ve been constantly selling out instore and online and they have proved themselves as a celebrity favourite. I bought mine last year and fell in love! They got me through the long winter and they’re still doing me this year so they’re completely worth the price (€110 available instore at Brown Thomas and Arnotts) and with some many offers online and in-store at the moment you may find a pair in a promotion.

These leggings are honestly one of the most flattering things I have ever worn and if looking good wasn’t good enough they are also incredibly comfy and warm, so they’re perfect for those wintery nights out when you can’t face going bare legged. I’ve received countless compliments while wearing them, from friends, family and even randomers on the street. I adore them because they’re so easy to wear, they appear effortless paired with a cosy knit and runners or dress them up for those Christmas nights out with heels and “a nice top”.

The sizes run from small to large, I got the small which is the equivalent to a UK 6-8, so a medium fits a 10-12 and a larges a 14-16, but it’s best to try them on for yourself and see. They are made from nylon, spandex and elastane so they provide support and suck you in where you need it, they shape you to perfection basically contouring your legs and derrière. No need to worry about VPLs as they’re far thicker than your average leggings so the surface appears completely smooth. And most importantly, these leggings nip camel toes in the bud! There is a triangular area instead of a seam in the middle of the crotch making camel toes virtually impossible.


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