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Top 10 Scary Movies and Series to watch this weekend


Halloween is a very exciting time of the year and all our favourite horror movies are dusted off, ready to scare us, time and time again!

Not sure what to watch this Halloween? Here are my top 10 movies and tv series to give you the best Halloween night ever!

10 ‘Insidious’

This movie is one that will have you holding a friends hand to walk to the bathroom at night. This movie is a Halloween classic and its sequels are just as good. See what this little boy gets up to this Halloween – I’d rate ‘Insidious’ 8/10!


9 ‘The Presence’

This movie is about three friends who break into an abandoned castle where an evil presence starts to terrorise them. This movie had me looking through the cracks of my fingers because as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t look away. I’d rate ‘The Presence’ 7/10.

8 ‘Would You Rather’

This movie is another one that is a stomach turner. ‘Would You Rather’ is a movie about a group of people who are forced to play a horrific game of Would You Rather and the winner is the only person who makes it out alive. This movie is insanely intense and only for people with a good stomach. I’d rate ‘Would You Rather’ 9/10!

7 ‘The Purge’

This movie is slightly less on the horror side but more an intense thriller that will have you too gripped to leave the room. ‘The Purge’ is a movie set in America where all crime is legal for 24 hours – want to see how that played out? Watch the 3 Purge movies this Halloween! I’d rate ‘The Purge’ 10/10.

6 ‘The Conjuring’

‘The Conjuring’ is another movie that has them chilling words ‘based on a true story’ that makes your skin crawl. This movie is filled with paranormal activity and deep mystery. If you love crime solving and horror this movie is the one for you. I rate ‘The Conjuring’ 10/10.

5 IT

‘It’ is a classic by Stephen King originally a novel, which has now been made into two movies, each as terrifying as the other. ‘It’ isn’t for you if you’re afraid of clowns as this movie will have you leap away from any clown you’ll see in the future. This movie is intense and to be honest, it gets a bit sad, but a great movie for Halloween! I’d rate ‘it’ 8/10

4 ‘Saw’

These movies aren’t for the weak. If you love gruesome, gore, and suspense, the saw movies are for you. This film series might make you vomit but you’ll be just as fast to press play to watch the next one. The evil jigsaw sets up tasks for his victims to escape their violent murders. Will they escape? You better find out. I’d rate the saw movies 7/10!

3 The Exorcism of Emily Rose

This movie is one that will stay with you as long as you live.. ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’ is a true story (I know those words make me jump too) and it tells a horrific story of a teaching student becoming possessed and watching her Exorcism take place, utterly terrifying. The real Exorcism is on YouTube if you look hard enough, that’s all I’ll say. I’d rate ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’ 10/10!

2 The Unborn  

This movie will make you want to sleep with the lights on for the next ten years. ‘The Unborn’ is a story of a twin who never made it out of the womb haunting his older sibling. The film is filled with creepy scenes you’ll never be able to unsee, but so worth it if you love a horror that makes you jump even thinking about it. I’d rather ‘The Unborn’ 9/10.

1 American Horror Story

<span style=American Horror Story" />

We’ll start it off lightly –  American Horror Story is a series with 8 seasons. Each season is a completely different storyline but the same actors feature each season. This series isn’t terrifying but is enough to make you watch over your shoulder. I would highly recommend season 6 and 7 for a good Halloween scare.. the scariest season’s by far! I’d rate American Horror Story 8/10.

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