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The Diary of a Leaving Cert Student


The overall sense of doom hit me like a tonne of bricks entering school last week. The never-ending feeling that my life depends on this whole year repeated over and over in my head. The simple fact is it shouldn’t have to be like this.

If I had a Euro for the amount of times I’ve heard the words “Leaving Cert” uttered over the last few days, I would be on the first plane out of here. You meet an adult in the street and you can almost recite the conversation before you start talking;

“Back to school”


“What year are you in now?”


“Oh, that’s the hard one. You’ll have to put the head down.”

Then the guilt comes along, you find yourself thinking maybe they are right. I should be at home studying. You find yourself convincing yourself that all you should think about is school. You remember you have to Google something for Economics or write an essay for History. But you fail to convince yourself that it is not the end of the world. Your whole life doesn’t depend on how many points you get. You remember how easy it is for someone else to say “put the head down”.


I feel as though the Leaving Cert is a bubble, when you’re in it you feel like you can’t get out but once it pops you realise that it didn’t mean everything. At the moment it does feel like it’s everything and of course, I want to do the best I can but I feel it’s important to remember that there is life after the Leaving Cert.


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